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Feedy Converter - User Guidance

Application - Main Window

This is the main window of the Feedy Converter Application. You will be guided how to use this Software in the next chapters.


1. Create Profile

To create a new profile to your printer, you have to follow those instructions :

In the main window Click on the Combobox Profile » “Create new Profile …“


A new window will appear » Click on “Profiles“

Click on “New Profile …“


Enter the profile Name and your printer features.

For the printer features you can set those options:

  1. Printer Manufacturer You can choose your printer Manufacturer from the combobox, or choose "other" if your printer Manufacturer does not appear among choices, and then write your printer Manufacturer and its Model.

  2. Printer Model (Note that for every printer Manufacturer there is different set of models)

  3. Number of Units: And that is the number of units of the Feedy you use.

  4. Retraction Gear Ration: The Retraction Gear Ratio defines the retraction length for switching the filament unit. It can be varied at the moment in the range of 1:1 up to 1:5, which leads to a retraction length of approximately 40mm up to approximately 200mm

  5. Configuration: The Configuration defines the assembly situation of 3Dfeedy on your 3D-printer

  6. G-Code Flavor : The G-Code Flavor defines the g-code to be generated. The G-Code Flavor is dependent on your 3D-printer and its settings should be identical to the ones in your Slicer

Then Click on “Save“ to save your profile.

Now you have your new profile created and you can load it from the main window.


When you choose the profile you created, the features Number of Units, Retraction Gear Ratio, Configuration and G-Code Flavor are automatically set for you but you still have the possibility to change them.


2. Convert the G-Code file

To convert the G-Code file you have to follow those instructions:

  1. Click on “Upload file …“ from the main window » Choose the G-Code file to upload (Note: only G-code files are available to choose)

  2. Set the print configuration or choose your profile if created

  3. Click on “Convert“

  4. Choose the location of your converted file


3. Options Window

Our Application is available on three different languages. To choose your preferred language follow the following steps.

File » Options » Language

A new window will appear.

Click on General » Choose your preferred language » Click on “Ok“

Version 1.0

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